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History analyst and author Mario Arndt writes about topics you won't find in traditional history books. His analyses of official history reveal how the Middle Ages, the ancient world, and the associated chronologies were fabricated and forged.

This is a book like no other!


Hack #0: History Hacking - Anything goes

Hack #1: The made-up lists of kings in the Middle Ages

Hack #2: The made-up chronology of antiquity

Hack #3: The Bible code in history

Hack #4: The 800-year cycle in history

Hack #5: Charlemagne - the made-up Emperor

Hack #6: Augustus - the made-up first Roman Emperor

Hack #7: The new dating of the astronomical reports of antiquity

Hack #8: Jesus Christ on the imperial throne

Hack #9: The made-up list of popes

Hack #10: An new chronology of the history of mankind


This book is so intelligent and entertaining at the same time that it is a must read.


212 pages

ISBN: 9783756821280

Price: 11,90 €

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